The #eoshackathon grand finale is currently underway in Cape Town, and what better way to get it going than to have a Q&A session with CTO, Dan Larimer himself. I’m going to quickly summarise some interesting questions asked and Dan’s responses interspersed with some of my commentaries.

1. “Which businesses do you believe will be using blockchain in the future?”

Any business with a database and more than one user will benefit from blockchain technology” — Dan Larimer

It’s obvious that Dan fundamentally believes in the power of blockchain and massive benefits it can bring to businesses. As software such as eosio continues to develop and mature, business all around the world will be able to easily deploy their own private blockchains ensuring complete accountability for all internal business actions. It might eventually become some sort of industry standard, where investors and consumers alike gain confidence, in the fact that the business is using a blockchain internally to ensure full accountability of all actions.
Perhaps another one of Dans most telling lines was that his belief that:

“Blockchain will be as prevalent as SQL databases” — Dan Larimer